Pre School

Pre-School Swimming Lessons at Strawberry fields focus on having fun while following a structured curriculum to help your child develop swimming skills on their own. 

For kids ages 3 and 4, we offer Pre-School swimming sessions that have been created to help your child learn to swim on their own. 

Classes are led by a fully qualified instructor who uses games, swimming drills, and floats to encourage your child's independent swimming and help them gain confidence in the water. 

The objectives of these sessions are to provide parents with information on techniques that will help infants feel secure and happy in the water, to assist infants in becoming used to the water, to promote water confidence at a young age and to give young children opportunities to participate in social activities. 

At the end of the block , the kids will complete the ASA Duckling Award Scheme and be rewarded with a certificate and badge. 

For any swimming enquiries or to book a class please complete the form below and we will be glad to help.

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