Strawberry Babies

With an emphasis on having fun, our Babies' swimming programme is developed to help your baby feel comfortable and confident in the water. Your baby will adore visiting a class where they can move freely, unwind, and spend time with you. 

Our pool is ideal for young children and babies, with a pool temperature of 33 degrees , making it a comfortable and warm environment for your little ones to thrive on thier swim journey.  

These sessions objectives are to: Introduce routines and rules that encourage water safety to parents and their young children, teach parents techniques that will make their children comfortable, content, and eager to learn in the water, help young children become accustomed to the water, encourage water confidence in children at a young age, submersion methods that promote development and introduce water activities that could help young children develop age-appropriate aquatic skills,  

Strawberry Fields Swim Academy makes it simple to take your baby swimming with a nice warm pool and baby changing facilities provided in our  changing rooms. 

Babies lessons are a 30-minute parent and child session and run on a 8 week block.  

For any swimming enquiries or to book a class please complete the form below and we will be glad to help.

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